New Frontiers in Steyning.

I’ll be heading south over the weekend ending up in Steyning (which I believe is just a stone’s throw from Brighton) on Monday evening to deliver what they worryingly refer to as the ‘Key Lecture’ (no pressure then!).

If you live in the area and to be brutally frank, even if you don’t, you could do worse than get yourself along to Steyning Camera Club for around 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 and that’s probably less than you’d spend on electricity if you stayed in to watch double Coronation Street with a cup of tea in between episodes (although rest assured I’ll be recording it).

You can buy tickets here and below is a poster telling you all about it, but in essence it’s me showing lots of pictures and talking…alot. Some of it might even make sense. It’s a long way from home for me so do come along and say hello.

Penrith and Edinburgh talks confirmed.

We’ve got 2 new dates for the New Frontiers talk, so if you fancy listening to me prattling on about nature photography, travel, people, purpose and life in general, do pop along and say hello. If you don’t like the sound of any of that, you can just watch the pictures.

April 9th: Rheged Centre, Penrith, Cumbria.(1945hrs). Book here

This event is being held in conjunction with the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

April 15th: Reid Concert Hall, Bristol Square, Edinburgh.(1900hrs). Book here

New Frontiers

OK if you don’t take kindly to unashamed promotion, you better stop reading this post right now.

We’re now offering our (updated) New Frontiers AV show for dates late 2011/early 2012. Now, I don’t talk much about cameras or biology or conservation. I do talk quite a bit about me though: well not just me but all of us, and our changing relationship with the natural world – nothing heavy, just stuff to get you thinking. And I tell you a bit about my life over the last 15 years – again, nothing overly indulgent, just what I’ve been up to and how my experiences have shaped my thoughts and attitudes. Oh and there’s a few images thrown in for good measure – some of them quite good I think. And music too. And video. And some funny timelapse stuff. And questions for me to answer along with questions for you to answer.

All in all it’s a visual journey, one which I’d be pleased and humbled to take you on. For dates, availability, fees and a full size pdf of the flyer below, please mail: [email protected].

What do they say? f8 and be there? I’ve never understood that but hope that a few of us can get together and carry the journey forward. And perhaps cross a few New Frontiers in the process.

New Frontiers talks.

Just a quick reminder of the upcoming dates/locations for the New Frontiers talk – I’d certainly like to see as many folk there as possible – I’m sure the organisers would too!

15th: Dundee Photographic Society, St. Pauls Church Hall, Nethergate, Dundee, 1930hrs.

25th: Swavesey Camera Club, Swavesey Village Colleage, Swavesey, Cambs. 1939hrs.

26th: North Staffs.RSPB Group, Wade Hall, North Staffs Conference CEntre, Hartshill, Stoke. 1930hrs.

28th: Wirral Photographic Association, Vauxhall Sports Club, Rivacre Rd., Ellesmere Port. 1330hrs.

New Frontiers.

I’ll be delivering the first of a series of AV shows, entitled NEW FRONTIERS on September 3, which I’ve just realised is the evening before The Scottish Nature Photography Fair in Perth. So if you’re travelling north to SNPF, why not drop by?

The host is the Renfrewshire RSPB Group (a very friendly bunch) and the venue is The MacMasters Centre, Donaldson Drive, Renfrew (just off J26 of M8). Start time 7.30pm.

Just drop us an e-mail if you need any more details.