New Frontiers in Steyning.

I’ll be heading south over the weekend ending up in Steyning (which I believe is just a stone’s throw from Brighton) on Monday evening to deliver what they worryingly refer to as the ‘Key Lecture’ (no pressure then!).

If you live in the area and to be brutally frank, even if you don’t, you could do worse than get yourself along to Steyning Camera Club for around 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 and that’s probably less than you’d spend on electricity if you stayed in to watch double Coronation Street with a cup of tea in between episodes (although rest assured I’ll be recording it).

You can buy tickets here and below is a poster telling you all about it, but in essence it’s me showing lots of pictures and talking…alot. Some of it might even make sense. It’s a long way from home for me so do come along and say hello.

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1 thought on “New Frontiers in Steyning.

  1. Having endured, no sorry enjoyed, the “New Frontiers” extravaganza at Havant Camera Club last year, I can report that it is well worth a viewing.
    The old fella doing the talking goes on a bit, but the AV presentation is top notch!!

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