Malta Massacre on Migration

It was John Muir who once said that conservation is a battle between right and wrong.  There are some things in this world that are just plain wrong and when it comes to our relationship with Nature, the list is extensive.  Raptor persecution is wrong.  Trophy hunting is wrong.  Bear bile farming is wrong.  And the massacre of spring migrants in parts of the Mediterranean is wrong.  But what to do?  These are complex issues poisoned by deep-seated social, political and cultural prejudices.  One thing to do is to expose these wrongs and trust that the wider values of society will mobilise the wheels of democracy to put them right.

I take my hat off to anyone who sticks their head above the parapet and risks not only personal safety but hard-earned reputation.  Chris Packham, known to many for his role as TV presenter, along with a handful of colleagues, is about to stick his head well and truly above the parapet.  Between 21-26 April Chris will broadcast live on YouTube from Malta where migrant birds are slaughtered in their thousands every year.

Apparently denied exposure by leading conservation bodies, as well as mainstream TV channels, Chris and his small team have turned to social media to expose this outdated and universally condemned ‘tradition’.

If you care about cuckoos, ospreys, kestrels and even swallows (who doesn’t welcome the return of swallows?) then watch Chris’ broadcasts and do some broadcasting yourself as what happens in Malta happens elsewhere and it’s wrong.  IT IS WRONG.

Chris Packham, Luke Massey, Ruth Peacey, Jez Toogood (and for the record David Tipling too), along with Birdlife Malta – I tip my hat and wish you well.  Learn more about the Malta Massacre on Migration here.

View at 9pm 21-26 April on YouTube.

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7 thoughts on “Malta Massacre on Migration

  1. The same disgusting slaughter continues in parts of Italy in the name of tradition – tiny carcasses of birds are served in polenta. In Cyprus millions of birds are trapped in mist nets or on lime sticks and roast or pickled for ‘ambellopoulia’. In north Africa there are miles of mist nets and numerous guns that migrants have to escape. When I lived in Cyprus from 1978 -91 I confronted the problem on the ground – destroying nets and lime sticks. It is big business, well organised and local police are in cahoots. Politicians with slim majorities eager to feather their nets whilst in power (no pun intended) do nothing. There are laws they are not implemented.
    Hats off to Chris Packham and my disgust towards those organisations that refuse to support and promote – one must ask WHY. It all comes down to money in the end.

  2. been to RUTLAND WATER today,found out the main male osprey has not returned ,wonder why

    Dave, according to the BTO 95% of Ospreys entering British air space fly over my pad here in Andalucia, Spain up the Valle del Genal and along the Spanish/Portuguese border in 95% of birds sadly being shot on Malta are not bound for the British Isles most of them fly via Morocco, Strait of Gibraltar, Spain/Portugal, France….

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