Fearna the osprey is on the move!

Just a quick post to let you know that Fearna, one of the female osprey chicks from our local nest (many readers will know of or have seen this nest) has been fitted with a satellite tracker and her movements can be followed here. As I write this, she’s found her way safely as far as Devon!

Thanks to Roy Dennis of the Highland Foundation for Wildlife for providing the tracker and the platform to watch Fearna’s maiden migration to Africa.

Good luck girl!

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1 thought on “Fearna the osprey is on the move!

  1. Great news!

    Would it not be fantastic if she flew in reach of my lens in the next week or so down here in the Strait of Gibraltar where hopefully she will pass (99.9% chance) if she makes it this far…….. that said there are at any one time 5,000 birds in the sky in front of the lens for the next 3 weeks. Black kite, honey buzzard, booted eagle by the tens of thousand at the moment, so she may get lost in the crowd.

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