There’s something about bears…

Bear photography in Europe, or more specifically in Finland, as this in my opinion at least is by far the most reliable location, is a bizarre, even surreal, experience. Locked in a small wooden hide for 14 hours overnight is on the face of it a dreadful prospect, and yet it’s strangely addictive. I’ve done up to eight consecutive nights in these hides in the past but the most recent trip was a quick ‘3-night-blitz’ so although my ageing back might not agree, this was a relative walk in the park.

Some of the animals I recognised from previous years and it’s rewarding to see bears that I first saw as tiny cubs now developing into young adults. I also caught up with ‘Greedy’ a big male that I first photographed for the Tooth & Claw book back in 2006. This time around this bear was very much in his prime.

I think that in spite of their universal popularity, there are certain places/species that any keen photographer should cover at least once. Norway’s sea eagles qualify and Finland’s bears qualify too. To be lying half-asleep in the half-light of a Scandinavian summer with only a thin sheet of plywood separating you from a bear squelching about in a bog, is an experience you will never forget. Problem is, it is addictive. There’s just something about bears.

My thanks to Julie, Alan, Russell, Robin and Charlie for their company on this trip.

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2 thoughts on “There’s something about bears…

  1. Pete

    Heading to Finland on Friday for my first ‘fix’ of Bears, and fingers crossed Wolves. Hope they are not too addictive as they are far from cheap.

    Then doing the long drive north to Varanger.

    If anyone has any hints or tips i would love to hear

    All the best


  2. Throughly enjoying your blog, photos are stunning and especially the brown bears, there really is something about bears………

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