One-legged Asian lesbian caught bedding illegitimate son of religious leader!

Aha, got you! Apologies if you’ve landed here expecting a tale of unsurpassed debauchery. Actually no, I’m not going to apologise – you shouldn’t be following such sensationalist headlines on the net! But of course many people do, and a recent e-manual that arrived on my desktop positively encourages me – as just a humble photographic blogger – to ‘sex up’ my posts in the sure knowledge of extra blog traffic. Perhaps this is my chance to get on Big Brother? It could be a metaphorical getting your **** out for the lads! Perhaps not.

So how does nature compete to attract attention in a world where societal values have changed in just a generation? It’s damned difficult, of that there is no doubt.

I was working down at the Scottish Seabird Centre recently for 2020VISION. The story was the relationship between the health of our seas, the health of our seabirds and the health of us humans. It’s a tricky story to tell but I was massively impressed how many people were trying to tell it – even on a dreich summer afternoon. A young couple had set up a quite elaborate display stand and were working hard at making gannets (and puffins, seals etc) fun and exciting to passing children. The audience was small with varying attention spans, but bit by bit they were drawn in and ‘engaged’.

At the end of the day these young educators were completely spent, they’d given their all. It’s hard work loving nature and wishing everyone else would too. But it’s a job worth doing and my hat goes off to all who try.

With a little imagination, the headline to this post could be: 40,000 bonking birds cram into high-rise, high-tension tenement block. Do you reckon that would get my search engine rankings up?

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4 thoughts on “One-legged Asian lesbian caught bedding illegitimate son of religious leader!

  1. …..and there was me thinking you lived in a sleepy ol’ part of the world!!
    It all happens in the Highlands, apparently. There is just so much I could say about that provocative headline of your – however, I fear that most of it will not make it through the ever watchful eye of our I.T system!!
    I’m intrigued as to what the young lad is eyeing up with that scope – I’m hoping it’s the gannet in the photo below him, but having read the title of this entry have my suspicions it could be the young lady holding the sea bird model above him…………….that could start a whole new entry in itself. LOL

    Anyway on a more serious note, it’s good to see activities attempting to draw in people from a young age. That’s certainly where my interest in the outdoors and wildlife started. Keep up the good work.

  2. I thought your first picture might get your ratings up until I scrolled past the young lady’s head – my first thoughts were “oh my, that’s a very flexible young person”. I guess I need to start wearing my glasses a bit more…

    Seriously though, you and your colleagues are telling an important message, and if sensational headlines get people in and they take away just a small part of what you’re saying, then is that such a bad thing?

    You might need to work on your titles a bit though.

  3. Although I do get the gist of your article, I think that your headline was prompted by a distant memory of a ‘Marty Feldman’ TV show sketch in which he talks of quote ‘The story of a transvestite vicar and his love for a one-legged, negro, dwarf, lesbian drug peddler’, end quote. Am I right?

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