Red hot Iceland.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t do holidays. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. But no. If I’m not taking pictures there’s a good chance I shouldn’t be there in the first place. And so off to Iceland on holiday with my (tolerant) wife Amanda and my (not so tolerant) son Sam. And my camera.

Initially austere, even foreboding, Iceland quickly gets under your skin and casts its almost mythical spell. Forget any media hype about volcanoes going off (I’m proud to say that I can in fact pronounce the “E” word!), this is a big place with big skies and big potential.

Being a holiday we decided to restrict our travel to the south of the island taking in the geological icons of Reynisdrangar and the suite of waterfalls including Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss with its conveniently located fulmar colony. Further east Jokulsarlon lagoon is a must-see and is incongruous amidst the flat featureless coastal plains which skirt the Vatnajokull Glacier, Europe’s largest chunk of glacial ice.

OK my pictures are no better than what has been done before (a few more on the Northshots facebook page by the way) but for once, I’m not that bothered. Iceland is an experience. I can’t wait to return next year.

And just to prove I can almost do holidays, here’s Amanda at Iceland’s hottest tourist spot, The Blue Lagoon. In fairness it was a lot less touristy than I imagined and the ice creams are something else. I didn’t think it quite fair to inflict the locals with the sight of my ageing flesh but Amanda was less altruistic!

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9 thoughts on “Red hot Iceland.

  1. Iceland is a fantastic place, glad you enjoyed it. The geology is amazing and despite what Amanda may think erupting volcanoes do add a certain special something to a holiday, and I don’t mean the disrupted air travel.

    So do you now agree, some holidays can be fun?!

  2. Fantastic views, a young still-developing landscape, cool on top but red-hot underneath, plenty to look at for years, and absolutely stunning from every angle….yes thats Mrs Cairns I’m referring to.

    Amanda we salute you.

    Chairman and founder of A.C.A.S. (Amanda Cairns Appreciation Society).

    1. Ah John, that’s exactly how I feel, in my head anyway, ha, ha! Oh, and the same goes for Iceland, Pete’s not wrong there. I salute you back with many, many brownie points!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amanda, don’t worry it could have been far far worse (for us readers anyway!)…….imagine if it had been Pete in his speedo’s in that photo……………enough said!!

  4. I was just about to flag up extreme nausea at John’s comments and now Phil has made me feel even worse!
    John MacPherson…you’re fired…and no amount of help from ACAS will get you reinstated.

  5. Sorry Pete, I’ll play nice now honest!!
    I suppose I ought to really, or I could find myself sleeping in the squirrel hide in a few weeks……………must think before I make these rash statements in future….DOH!!

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