CALEDONIA on way…finally.

It’s been a bit of a haul this one! From an idea that started way back when, we’ve had false starts, funding letdowns and above all, just lots of other time-consuming things going on. But we’re there now and it’s shaping up to be a really nice book (and we’re planning a few side products too!).

Written by colleague Niall Benvie and illustrated by yours truly, CALEDONIA is an unashamed emotional plea for a fresh and more ambitious outlook towards forest restoration. That doesn’t mean that Scotland should be covered in trees tomorrow; it simply means we should perhaps take a renewed look at what the landscape can offer us against a backdrop of increasing biological uncertainty.

CALEDONIA will retail at £20 and will be available only from the NORTHSHOTS website (from June 23rd). Advance orders are being taken now (just e-mail Amanda). Corporate customers (ordering a minimum of 10 copies) can buy the book for just £12-95 per copy. Branded books (with your logo on front cover) are available at the same price (min. order 100 units) but must be ordered before April 30 2011.

To get a feel for what CALEDONIA will look like, download our promo-flyer here.

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3 thoughts on “CALEDONIA on way…finally.

  1. Hi Peter,

    Well I must say the preview .pdf looks stunning. I’ll certainly be putting in my order.

    More importantly it is taking a step to actually make some valid points about conservation. As you have mentioned before it is easy to tie the term “conservation” to your work without actually directly applying the work to any projects of this kind. These don’t need to be bashing people over the head with images of destruction. It’s often more suitable to reveal what most people haven’t had the chance to experience and support it with a suitable text on both the exciting and concerning aspects of these habitats (similarly I am about to hand over my first book to the publisher at the end of the month, a highly aesthetic look at the UK’s best hay meadow but with a text that looks at the future of land use and conservation).

    As nature photographers we have to look at our individual paths and decide where our focus should lie. For those of us who want to help communicate conservation values we need to consider the end result, delivery and how we can influence with a body of work, alongside the classic high impact competition winners. We are all increasingly media literate and creating something that engages and excites people is a challenge that we have to address.

    Anyway, enough rambling! I’ll look forward to the book.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi, Peter.

    Starting with a quick look at the PDF the result can’t be far from success.

    The project, its philosophy and all the purposes behind your work are truly inspiring.

    Just can’t wait to order it.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Peter

    Best of luck with sales of your latest book…. if anyone can bring this outstanding and unique region of Britain to a wider audience then it most certainly is you.

    Regards, Geoff

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