…a little bit gained.

Undeterred from my abortive maiden voyage across Loch Insh (actually I was very much deterred but that would detract from the story), I set off again with the whooper swans in my crosshairs. In the evening it was flat calm with some subtle sunset reflections; in the morning it wasn’t!

Truth be told, I love whooper swans (I don’t normally like to admit a preference for any species) and it has always been a dream of mine to photograph them in both their wintering grounds and up in Iceland where these particular birds breed. I’d actually pencilled it in to my 2014 diary – how organised is that? I can do 4 years hence, I just can’t do next week. I had envisaged a rather splendid book and an equally splendid exhibition don’t you know. Imagine my horror then when a splendid Italian photographer – Stefano Unterthiner – and his splendid wife, last year beat me to the splendid idea. And what’s more, did a splendid job! You can order Stefano’s splendid book at www.stefanounterthiner.com.

I do know however that Stefano doesn’t own a hide nearly as splendid as mine. And even if he did, it wouldn’t be as splendidly waterlogged.

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4 thoughts on “…a little bit gained.

  1. Hi Peter

    I can empathise with you preference for photographing certain species and why not indeed. In my world I adore photographing Lady’s-slipper orchids and wildflowers backlit. The top portrait image is truly beautiful and very much to my liking and the subtle tones of the water work incredibly well to convey a delicate feeling in my humble opinion.

    Regards, Geoff

  2. well, thanks for your splendid words! love your images… and do not stop photographing the whooper! Best wishes to you Sam and your splendid wife. Regards from Stefano and Plan B

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