Good enough for that French guy…

OK I’m a fan. He’s good looking with a French accent that Givenchy would die for and he takes some damned good images. Vincent Munier, wildlife photographer and annoyingly good bloke. As much as anything I love his wishy washy blue-cast winter images with no real punch, very little colour and therefore out of kilter with today’s demand for strong primary – often garish – colours.

I know his recent books have come in for a bit of criticism outside his native France, for what is perceived as dull and lifeless production. But I disagree. Yes they’re sombre but they’re full of atmosphere and intrigue; they almost put you there and doing that is what a good image does. Now I’m not French, good looking or blessed with anything other than a working class Midlands accent, but if wishy washy is good enough for Vincent, it’s good enough for me.

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