Prague closes to Wild Wonders.

The Wild Wonders of Europe outdoor exhibition in Prague has drawn to a close but it’s stay in The Hague has been extended into September.

To see a video of The Hague opening ceremony with Princess Irene of The Netherlands, visit:

It’s all over.

Tardy blog updates mean two things:

1. No new pictures to show.
2. No new pictures to show because I’ve not left the office.

Actually that’s not completely true but as cold air wafts through the office window, I reluctantly conclude that summer has passed me by and a new season is beckoning. To be fair August is a dreadful month in my book. Often wet, always midgy and little in the way of inspiration. So summer might have been a non-event but the wonderful hues of autumn are not far away – bring it on!

New Frontiers.

I’ll be delivering the first of a series of AV shows, entitled NEW FRONTIERS on September 3, which I’ve just realised is the evening before The Scottish Nature Photography Fair in Perth. So if you’re travelling north to SNPF, why not drop by?

The host is the Renfrewshire RSPB Group (a very friendly bunch) and the venue is The MacMasters Centre, Donaldson Drive, Renfrew (just off J26 of M8). Start time 7.30pm.

Just drop us an e-mail if you need any more details.

Feast or famine.

I feel a bit like a winter squirrel or mouse. I’ve been on a few forays of late – gathering a harvest of images to see me through the lean times. Now I’ve scurried back into my hole (sometimes this office can only be described thus) to cache my goodies. I won’t see the light of day until my next foray, such is the administrative burden of modern photography.

My plight is eased every so often as an image catches my eye – not through its rarity value but more often than not, because of unusual lighting.