When too much is not enough.

Oh god it’s going to be misty again. Here we go. Know what you want…know what you want…Ok, Ok, I’ve perhaps over-played this a wee bit, I’ll move on. But I can’t because it was misty again this morning – not in the place where I wanted it, but elsewhere. I say mist, it wasn’t really mist, more of a fog and there’s a thin line between the two. Mist dictates a high viewpoint overlooking a big landscape, fog beckons you towards a more intimate perspective. So what to do? Where to go? Too much mist basically means fog. And too much fog means no pictures.

For crying out loud Cairns, stop rattling on. An hour in, the sun is up and OK it’s not perfect(!!!) but Loch Garten is flat-calm, the rasping song of the goldeneye reverberates through the forest and the distant bubbling of black grouse makes it, well, bloody perfect actually. What am I getting so wound up about? Really?

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5 thoughts on “When too much is not enough.

  1. Peter

    It’s then time to let let nature come to you…. if we always chase our opportunities are often distracted by the the chase…..


  2. Ah Brian, that’s the point you see, fog doesn’t turn to mist! If it starts off as fog then it simply blooms and disappears. These are the finer points of meteorological planning (which as you’ve probably gathered I know little about!!).

    1. Ah Peter, maybe should have read.

      If the fog lifts, will it be missed!

      Great pics from one of my favourite parts of the country.

      Your very fortunate to work & live where you do, not that i`m jealous. (well not very jealous)

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