All things to everyone

How many times have I heard it. How many times have I said it myself: “You can’t do everything.” The trouble is I want to. In some ways I need to. But I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I can’t. Something has to give.

I’ve had 4 great years with Wild Wonders of Europe and the project is far from done; but I am. Time, energy, passion, inclination – these are all finite resources which will only go so far, and with a half-finished book on my desktop (amongst many other things), WWE is one ask too far for the coming year. I wish my fellow directors every success in moving Wild Wonders forward in the manner it deserves.

Project photography is very demanding and when working with others, compromise is a pre-requisite. Perhaps that’s the next lesson I need to learn. Perhaps we all do.

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1 thought on “All things to everyone

  1. Hi, Peter… Assuming this post the way I see it, which is quite easy in fact, it really comes to me as a (NOT) surprise. Projects come and go, and with some others that you do have, other things and commitments do arrive. It was a pleasure (and it will continue to be) to see your work at WWE as an example to follow. Besides that your commitment will always be a source of inspiration…
    All the best, and good luck for the future!

    Rúben Neves

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